Tuesday, October 30, 2012

JustBid.in - good one

Somehow I didn't follow the reverse auction sites so far. May be there is no big site so far in this domain but still, there are a few.
Recently I landed on JustBid.in and searched for other similar sites. These are the 3 sites that I found out -

1. MyBid.in
2. Bid2Win.in
3. JustBid.in

Out of the 3 sites, I tried out JustBid.in as at present they have least resistant to get a user started.
They give some 'JPoints' (something like a bid-currency of the site) on joining the site which you can use to bid.

I have experienced the site and the interface looks decent. On winning a bid, I interacted with the JustBid team and it was a good discussion extending beyond the bid, into their current model and future plans. All in all, a good experience and the team seems to be focused on quality of experience. And I feel, a good business model coupled with focus on quality is the must have factors for a start-up (for any biz, for that matter). So hopefully we are going to see more of this site and this domain as a whole in coming days. Probably this is next leg of the deals sites!

You can register with the site through this link -http://www.justbid.in/register.php?inviter_id=Mjc0
Disclosure: This referral link gives me their JPoints :) [If you don't prefer this link, try registering straight to the site. You can strike some good deals without any cost while the promotional period lasts :)]


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