Wednesday, February 15, 2012

E-commerce player reviews

Last time I reviewed Flipkart on my blog under the post 'Amazon of India' and The amazon has entered India already this time around - through Junglee route!
However, I am not going to write about Junglee or Amazon here - I am purely going to talk about my experiences with some of the E-Commerce players here. This will be crisp blog with positives and negatives of my experiences!

I ordered an ExternalHDD from LetsBuy a few months back.
  • Nice clean interface.
  • Competitive deals [they may be making loss though :)]
  • Apparently they were quick to dispatch (Mind it, I said 'dispatch' not 'deliver' - There is a difference and a BIG one!]
  • Interface can be improved to add more filters.
  • They were way too late to deliver! - Now here is the difference between dispatch and deliver... After ordering, in a day or two, their site shows that the product was dispatched but it reached me more than 15 days later. So either their site showed incorrect information or they didn't push courier company enough to ensure customer experience. [Never faced this problem with Flipkart!]
  • BIGGEST problem - pathetic customer service. Sent then at least 2 to 3 emails but no response either through mail let alone phone call. Finally had to call them to get the status which was also a lame response like ' we will deliver it soon'.
Now that FlipKart has acquired it, I feel customer service will improve for sure. I would be willing to pay a few bucks more for better customer service!

Medplus Beauty
This is  the online-arm of MedPlus pharma chain. I order Gillette Mach3 blades [That's the only 'beautification' I use :)]

  • Excellent price - got almost 7-8% discount on something like Mach3 blades where normally u dont get discounts unlike electronic items!
  • Excellent customer service - Well, here too my experience was similar to FlipKart one - the courier guy charged me for octroi but when I contacted the customer service, they were prompt enough to call me to apologize for the goof up and revert the charge back to my account in cash!
Negatives: Nothing in my experience.

This is the most recent experience. In fact I have not received the delivery yet even-though I ordered on 3rd Feb... almost 13 days back - 9 working days back!

  • Found a product which I normally don't find in regular stores. Though I am sure I would find it in stores for kids!
  • Apparently they were quick to dispatch(again... 'dispatch' vs 'deliver' as in previous case)
  • Their online customer chat service is slow. I would say if you cant make it prompt, take it out! Why open up an avenue that gives negative feeling to customer!
  • Even After 13 days, my product is not delivered! I feel as the courier company's performance has direct impact on their customer service, they should have very very strict SLAs with the courier companies! A customer should not be expected to chase courier companies for the product's delivery!
  • Prices are not exactly competitive. Maybe it is the nature of the products - the kind of discounts we see in electronic items, may not be possible in this product category.
I have dropped them an email for my order. I shall update the blog with their response and the date when/if[:)] I get delivery of the product!

That's all about my experiences. Regarding TimTara, I read following in a start-up group that I am member of - "I have ordered laptop with them like almost 20 days back. I am not able to reach them either via email or their customer support number. I even spoke to Raja who is the CEO of his company even he is giving some irresponsible response. If you write in their face book wall its being deleted. When I did some research looks like lots of people are facing this issues this issues."

Reason enough for me to not shop with TimTara!


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