Monday, August 06, 2007


Well.... ppl who know me, are fairly aware of my inclination towards web2.0
Here's another reason why I luv Web2.0

Two weeks back (26th Jul) , was my mom's birthday.
The gift I sent this time was a collage poster which included 8 of the photos of whole family... My mom, dad, Harsh (my bro), Dimple(my fiancee) and myself. The order I gave was from I am not marketing PicSquare here [:)], similar kind of service is provided by iTasveer as well but there were two reasons why I chose PicSquare: One - It was cost effective. Collage at iTasveer is almost double the price of the same at PicSquare!!! Two - I would have had to spend too much of time making the collage on their tool doodlepad (on the +ve side, 'doodlepad' would have provided me great flexibility to customize my collage.) and i was in hurry coz I was placing this order at 2am!!! [:)]

Anyways, I was giving this order from my MacBook and not being very familiar with Mac yet, didn't figure out a tool on Mac which is similar to MS Paint.
And that made me feel the need of an online image editor.
I had come across one chinese site some months back - IEPhotoshop but this one is not that handy. You get too many "Server Too Busy..." errors on this.
Another one I came across yesterday and found it really cool - Graphita

Check it out.... you will like it!




Anonymous Ashish said...

Hi Sarang,

This is Ashish from itasveer. I see your point - we need to have some ready-to-use templates to simplify design for those in a hurry,while keeping the flexiblity of the Doodlepad. Also the price difference is just 101 bucks (499/600).
Anyway - thanks for the tip.

2:44 AM  

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