Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Aah.... I think I almost forgot my erstwhile hobby!!! Just checked and my last post on this 'Teknoloji Upfront' was in Feb... almost 6 months back!!!

Was going though a couple of sites/startups on Indian web horizon and somehow reached this site

Two of the indian startups - DilSeBol & Myntra - have started on same business model as Etsy. Definitely one can feel that the quality of work and "Krietiviti" is much better on Etsy but I must say it's good idea for a startup - especially as it has a very clear revenue model. As the sites will grow old, the quality and creativity in the designs will improve for sure.

The level of creativity on all these sites depend on how creative are the artists who post their creations here. I checked couple of artists on each site and I feel the designs are better on Etsy with respect to other two sites. Myntra seems to be better than DilSeBol though.

Well, but what stirred me up to write this post is not only the creations by the artists on this site. One of the page of Etsy itself looks cool.

Check out this page.....

Scroll your mouse wheel and see the effect… It shows recently posted images on the site in order…

It’s flash work only…. May be not too much challenging technically but good idea.

Tekh Olweiz,


Blogger Sarang said...

BTW, forgot to mention... I already placed an order through Myntra :)

1:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Check out this website This company has also joined the race.. and looks really cool to me

5:31 AM  

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