Saturday, February 17, 2007 - $100 million

In my last post on this blog only, I talked about Travel portals popping up in Indian web space.
This news on ContentSutra drew my attention and I was a bit surprised, positively of course, to read that has crossed $100 million sales mark in early February, earlier than their target - to achieve this sales mark by year end. Now they are aiming at $120 million by year end.
Well.... This is what surprises, and at the same time, encourages me. My inability(!) to gauge market size.... may be, I am too conservative, too cautious. Everytime market comes out to be much larger than my estimation!
I didn't imagine than online travel portals can have such a mammoth (relatively) market size. Be it $100 million or $120 million, it's larger than my imagination!
MakeMyTrip holds about 55% market share which makes the total market size of about $200-$225 million per year. And still, I think Indian online travel portal market (rather, whole Indian Online market) is in it's infancy at present.
I would like to find out what will be market size of Travel portals 5 years down the line!
Also, what is the size of whole Online market in India at present and 5 years down the line!

Tekh Olweiz,


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