Sunday, December 10, 2006

Vivah - The movie

"Just an hour back I came back from watching movie 'Vivah' " - After reading this statement, I won't be suprised if you think that I am writing this blog to appraise/criticize the movie.
But if you have noticed one thing; I am writing this blog in my TechBlog and not in my personal blog which clearly means I am gon'na talk about some tech stuff related to the movie.

Yesterday I was reading one of the blogs that I refer regularly - The writer of this blog, Rajesh Jain, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of Indian Web space.
In Emergic, he talked about the companies he has invested in currently. One of those companies is Rajjat Barjatya's Rajshri Media. This triggered my curiosity about Rajshri media. I logged on to the which reads as 'India's #1 Broadband Entertainment Destination'.
The objective of Rajshri media is to provide Indian Entretainment content worldwide through digital medium.
Their site talks more about the vision and goals of Rajshri media.

Vivah is premiered online by Rajshri media and that makes it the first indian movie to be premiered online.
You can download vivah, with 72 hr rentle license, for USD 9.99. I think this is first effort by a production/distribution house to distribute their movie via digital medium.
Well.... I think, the biggest obstacle for companies like Rajshri media will be piracy. Especially, I personally feel that Indian mindset is more inclined towards using pirated copies which might make it challenging for such companies to succeed phenomenally in Indian market. But Rajshri media, at present, looks to be targeting NRI consumers and that will definitely give them scope to breath. Also, it will have an advantage of being an early entrant in this India's 'Digital Entertainment content' space and of having no potential competition right now (at least as per my knowledge!)

I will really be interested in knowing revenue generated by Rajshri through this mode of Distribution, though not sure if I will be able to get this information from somewhere.

Anyways, talking about the movie - in some scenes it looks to be a bit over-sentimental but overall I think it's a good, decent movie - a typical Sooraj Barjatya movie. Whereas 'Main prem ki deewani hu' was a complete disaster with respect to his previous movies (personal opinion, of course!); this one looks to be in-line with Maine pyar kiya, Hum aapke hai kaun and Hum saath saath hai. If you liked those movies, I am sure you will like this one.

As Broadband penetration is increasing with fairly good speed in India, I think this kind of new foray's will keep opening in Indian Internet market. The indian Web space is relatively still in its infancy which is sort of a -ve point, but at the same time it means a giant opportunity.
Afterall, something not being 'in-shape' means an opportunity to contribute towards bringing it 'in-shape'.

Tekh Olweiz,


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