Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Indian Travel Portals on Fire!!!

For last few months I was a bit passive towards tech blogs/tech news.... May be that's the reason I am a bit surprised by reading this news on ContentSutra.
Cleartrip Gets $8 Million In Series B From DAG Ventures.

I heard/read about ClearTrip some months back. During those days I was reading back to back news about different travel portals starting up on Indian horizon. Apart from ClearTrip, there were a few like MakeMyTrip & TravelGuru.
The blog on contentsutra talks about funds secured by all these travel portals.

Having stayed here in UK for last 8 months, I am not surprised why so many travel portals are mashrooming and why all these travel portals are also managing to secure VC funds.
Most of the travelling in & around uk I did in last 8 months was done via online bookings.
Not only flight/train/car-rental booking but also hotel booking. This is one thing - online hotel booking - still not very popular in india.
Rather I should say that the most popular online travel booking in india is booking of Flight Tickets. I myself haven't used online booking even for Train, let alone car-rental(is it available?) or hotel booking.
Still Indian mindset do not think of Internet while thinking about travel planning.
It might take some time for Indian people to get accustomed to Online route for planning their travel. At the same time, these sites look to be in their infancy at present.
So may be a couple of years down the line both - Mindset of Indian people & quality of these sites - will evolve and that will spur the growth of these sites, which, by then, would have been 'elders' in Indian Travel Portal space.

Tekh Olweiz,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

car rental is available online in India....try makemytrip.com.

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Siddharth Puri said...

Car rental is now easy with all big car rental companies like Avis, Eurocar etc available in india.Try any major portal though problem is most of these rentals dont provide self-driven as an option. But keeping in mind cost per dollar not bad.

5:37 AM  
Blogger Lech said...

the indian railways have an awesome online reservation system .. it's functionally on par with the various commercial flight booking systems - multiple payment options; e-tickets; detailed route list .. basically the works.

8:21 PM  
Blogger manoj said...

Yeah Online travel is picking up in a big way in India, we at Travelmartindia.com have been monitoring the growth on our site from 1999 and now in 2006/7, we have seen a dramatic growth.In times to come ,one is optimistic that numbers will surge.
Cheers Manoj

10:26 AM  

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