Friday, May 12, 2006

Sony MouseTalk (SNE) = Mouse + Skype

It's been long I wrote a tech-blog here.
Well... no specific reason for that. Before flying for UK, last week was busy enuf to not allow me any time for blogging or tech reading. And after coming here.... well, didn't feel like writing one.

Now, let me start actual blog!
Yesterday found this good site and added it's feed on my google homepage.
Today saw this feed on my google home page from this site with title 'Mouse + Skype = Sony MouseTalk (SNE)'.
What prompted me to click on the link was Sony + Mouse + Skype together.
Sony has not been too much into internet technologies, at least not in my knowledge.
So it's association with a hard core internet venture Skype made me curious to read this.

Nice product, may be not for a country like India, as of now, coz this product is mainly for users with portable computers - which is not a BIG thing in India, as yet.

SeekingAlpha writes:

Sony Corp (SNE) has introduced an interesting “concept” mouse that doubles as a Skype-certified phone. Sony MouseTalk seems to be designed primarily for notebook users and I have feeling it will catch on more in Japan than anywhere else given its price and size. (read more on the link...)

To cut the story short - It's a mouse for notebooks which can be used as Phone also - the communication channel will be Skype.
The article on the site lists down some of the key features of the product along with a snap.

- Sarang.


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