Friday, May 12, 2006

miPod (Read "My iPod")

I purchased an iPod about one and a half months back.

To start with, I am not a hardcore music fan. I was gon'na come down to uk and hence needed a few GBs of portable storage.

I won't say either that I bought iPod for memory but for sure if iPod would have been providing just a couple of GBs of memory, I would have certainly gone for an external hard disk rather than iPod. It's just that the iPod with 30GBs was serving two purposes - music and memory - for me and neither of these alone would have sufficed to make me go for it.

Now, some +ves and -ves of iPod that I have felt so far.....
- One good thing is as I said above - music and memory in one handy gadget. Bonus is video.
- I said video is bonus coz frankly speaking, I personally think that the battery limits the use of iPod as a video device, by large extents.
The battery of iPod lasts for just about a couple of hours while watching a video. According to me, this takes away the whole(well... almost!!!) pupose of portability of the iPod.
- iTunes: Excellent software but why the hell such a tight coupling with iPod??? - iPod is virtually useless without it.
Somehow it gives me feeling of the arrogance of Apple. Apple is considered to be an arrogant company (on the lines of it's CEO - Steve Jobs!!!).
- But of course - no compromise on the quality of the product. Excellent Quality of sound! (again - on the lines of Steve Jobs.... vying for perfection!)

AND The bottom line is - IT IS A BIG SUCCESS!!! Just around the time I purchased it, iPod surpassed the number of Macs Apple has sold so far.

I have written this many a times in this blog - I am a big fan of this guy, Steve Jobs. Here is yet another reason why I am!

Let's see....
If I would have conceived whole idea of iPod in my mind, if I would have been having all the resources handy to start manufacturing of the product and launch it in market AND if I would have not seen something like iPod succeeding phenomenally in the market; I would have not started a company making and selling iPods.

I don't know whether my statement above is making any sense to you - but what I mean to say here is that according to me iPod is just a simple package of 'mp3 player software + a chip + a hard disk'!!!
Any company could have launched it before Steve Jobs did it.

It's not some great idea that someone else would have not thought of. It's just that no one realized this simple idea's potential of becoming such a memoth success!

I read one quote by Steve Jobs, something that he said when he joined Apple again in 1997/98. "The war of Personal computer market is already over and is won by Microsoft long ago. We need to focus on something else now."

I think it's the same case here - Now other companies are coming up with iPod's counterparts(including iRiver by Microsoft) but I think the war of mp3 players is almost over and is already won by Apple/Jobs.

It was just a matter of being at the right place at the right time, as it is with all the successful entreprenuerial ventures.
Anyways, iPod has definitely made me learn something that - Somewhat arrogance is acceptable provided how you put it in the air. Apple could have kept the iPod loosely coupled with iTunes and that wud have given a bit more freedom to the customers....but whatever may be the case, the product is a success - a BIG success!

Well.... if you are an iPod fan, I wud luv to be criticised - if you don't agree on some of the points I mentioned here.

- Sarang.


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