Saturday, May 13, 2006

Google Trends - India tops in search for 'Venture Capital'

Today while I was routinely checking different blogs/articles through feeds, I found ths interesting article in the feed of Venture Intelligence which said Indians search the most for "venture capital"

It was about a google trends result which displayed India on top in search of the term 'Venture Capital'.
I checked on google trends for the cities in India for this trend. The result of this search was surprising enough for me to make me write a blog on this.
Check the result here...

Alternatively, click on the snap here to see the screenshot of the result!!!

First in the list was Ahmedabad. It sure was a surprise but Surat being on the 4th place was gud enuf a surprise to overshadow the earlier one. Surat is ahead of Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai!!!

- Sarang.


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