Monday, March 06, 2006

Sabeer Bhatia - Back in Action!

The poster boy of e-mail, Sabeer Bhatia - founder of HotMail, is back in action. Last week only read about two of his ventures. One is into Web2.0 space - and another one is a VoIP Service.

ContentSutra Writes:

This is a Web 2.0 product and was launched in Delhi today. It claims to enhance the speed and functionality of e-mail browsing and allows users to post their comments on any website in the world.

To make hotmail faster, the the tool developed by downloads messages to the user's personal computer when the internet connection is idle. This ensures that to access the message the browser does not have to go to the server hosted in US, as it is available on the user's PC. It also allows users to delete the e-mail messages from their desktop when they sign out of the hotmail. In future, the company is planning to offer similar functonalities for other websites like

In one more of his venture, along with co-founder Yogesh Patel, he has started VoiFi Technology Corporation that will provide a freely downloadable VoIP solution VoiFi.

"You will be able to make a call from anywhere in the world to a cell or fixed line in India for as low as Re 1 per minute," said Sabeer Bhatia. VoiFi is currently in talks with telephony providers here in India to enable this.



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