Friday, March 10, 2006

Google buys

Just a few days back when I was writing one such blog; I felt lack of easiness in editing my text with respect to that in MS Word and I thought wouldn't it be gr8 to have a blog site which is coupled with online word-processor? Something like "Blogger + Writely"???

I wrote about Writely long back in my 2nd blog here - "From 'Desktop' to 'Web'". One of the earliest companies in online word-processing. I was completely surprised to see this RSS feed in my google homepage saying "Google buys Writely". I had no indication that google will go for Writely.

Well, I am not claiming that I'll always have indications about this kind'a acquisitions [:-)] but I have been waiting for a news saying "Google buys Riya". Riya - I wrote about this Indian founded image-search engine which performs searches based on face-recognition technology. One more reason why I got surprised was Writely is still just in Beta.

Anyways, I still think sooner or later I'll hear news about Riya's acquisition by google; but for now the news is about formal announcement by google that they've acquired Silicon Valley startup "Upstartle", gaining Writely - Internet word-processing software.

Writely, is an online word processing service; in layman terms - you can say it's Microsoft-Word as a website.

In my 2nd post on this blog ("From 'Desktop' to 'Web'"), I wrote about a rumor - Google's plan to launch a WebOS (and a web based PC - without harddrive).

Looks like the buyout of Writely is a step towards WebOS for Google.

Read more about this deal and an interesting comparision picture (I am sure u'd like it!) between Microsoft and Google on Om Malik's Blog here.

And yeah, about my uneasyness in editing my text on Blogger - I should hope that soon It'll become easier to do so; as Blogger is a Google product and now, Writely too is a Google product!

- Sarang.


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