Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Yet Again - Steve Jobs on my blog.

Well... once more I am scribbing 'Steve Jobs' in this blog. Can't help... I am a big fan of this guy and he's certainly in news these days.
This time it's about Disney's acquisition of Pixar.
On Jan. 24, Walt Disney Co. agreed to acquire Pixar Animation Studio - founded and headed by Steve Jobs - for $7.4 billion in stock.
Jobs is chairman, CEO, and 50.6% owner of Pixar. As part of the deal, Jobs will become the largest shareholder at Disney and will become a board member of Disney.

"We've been talking about a lot of things," says Jobs. "It's going to be a pretty exciting world looking ahead over the next five years."

Well, if Steve Jobs is about to bring yet another revolution - following Apple, Pixar and iPod; then it might be in terms of iPhone or iTV where one can download/view content - a TV show, a movie or even a video blog - provided/hosted by Disney!!!!



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