Friday, February 24, 2006

Social Networking

It looks likes Social networking has become one major idea for dotcom startups.

Day-by-day I am finding more and more social networking sites and surprisingly most of them are doing quite well..... It seems, even though there are many sites to compete, all of them are being able to find their fair-share in the big market.
Here are few of the sites I am member of: - A google venture. - It's said that this site has more traffic than Google search engine. - today only became member of this site... looks good. It has managed to get 700k members in just 3 months. I m member of this but not using it much. The other options look better to me.

Let me know, if you have came across more of such sites.



Blogger Sarang said...

Found one more site:

5:25 AM  

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