Monday, February 06, 2006


Someday, I would like to post a list of the technologies; I think, will be dominating in the next few years.

Certainly, if I go for a quick thought; two of my favourite technologies are Web2.0 and IPTV. I have posted quite a few posts on this blog about Web2.0 but none on IPTV. When I read this article about IPTV on my "" page through the RSS Feeds (well... this is one more technology to watch out for) of BusinessWeek, I suddenly realised that IPTV is missing on my blog.

This article talks about Cisco's aggressive plans for IPTV market. In nov,2005; Cisco acquired Scientific-Atlanta Inc., a global provider of set-top boxes, end-to-end video distribution networks and video system integration. Cisco sold certain kinds of IPTV equipment in the past but through this acquisition it's targeting end-to-end IPTV market.

Verizon is one more player which is quite aggessive for IPTV market in US (watch out FiOS TV).



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