Friday, February 24, 2006

Firefox - VoIP Extensions

Om Malik writes 'Firefox Goes VoIP, With Extensions'

Voice-computing mash up continues. Today, France-based OpenWengo released a Firefox extension that allows users to make free phone calls to each other. Open Wengo’s parent company, Neuf Telecom offers the optional Wengo call-out service so that you can dial out to PSTN/Mobile numbers. Till recently, they have been pushing a classic softphone, but I am betting that the Firefox extension is going to be quite popular. If you are signing up for this, let me know … we can chat!

Open Wengo, in many ways is like OpenZoep, an open source effort by Dutch start-up, Zoep . They also have a a Firefox extension that allows users to make phone calls from within their browser. Like Open Wengo, it is SIP based and allows you to call old-school PSTN (and Mobile) numbers. Zoep acts like a back end engine for this service.

OpenWengo and OpenZoep are two examples of “mashed-up” apps that have a potential of mimicking the viral growth of Skype.


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