Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Apple vs. Burst

Last year, Microsoft paid a lump sum of $60 million to Burst.com to settle the suit filed by Burst.com against the giant accusing it of infringing on some of Burst.com patents for video streaming.

For quite some time the negotiations were going on between Apple and Burst for Burst accusing Apple of infringing some of it's patents in the products like iPod, iTunes etc.
What was expected out of this; was that either Apple will pay Burst for the license (the way MicroSoft did) or Burst will sue Apple (the same way they sued Microsoft). But the out come is quite unexpected - Apple has filed a lawsuit against Burst.com as a proactive strike over the patent dispute claiming that the patents are invalid.. If Burst wins this suit it'll be it's second major win over the Biggies!!!

Anyways, right after the settlement with Microsoft (for $60m), Burst announced that it'll use this money to find out other companies infringing their patents!!!

- Sarang.


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