Thursday, January 12, 2006

AOL acquires Truveo

Well... It seems I can't get enough of blogging today! This is my 3rd post of the day. ;-)

Is it really a fast paced competition in Search Engine space or I've started reading too much lately???
Don't know the answer exactly but in last few weeks I've come across news about many search engines. Most of them coming up with some kind'a unique feature.

One such feature is People search: example-, Activeweave, Jookster, Kaboodle, and Rollyo.

One more feature is Photo search: example-, based on face recognition technology, started by an Indian. This is not exactly same as image search on google, yahoo or other search engines coz they searche images based on the metadata available about the image and not by face recognition.

And another feature is Video search: There are many players in this space of video search including google, yahoo, altavista, lycos and many more. Now AOL has entered this space by acquiring Truveo
Of course all these video-searches are based on the metadata available about the video. Read more about how exactly Truveo performs search.


Blogger Vivek said...

Good one! Very informative. The photo search feature sounds interesting.
Keep updating the blog regularly.

2:23 AM  

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